Unshakable Trading

Getting Real About Losses


A good trader is only as good as their money management.  Despite the hype even the best traders are only “winning” 50 to 70% of the time.  “Losses” are part of the game, it’s the cost of doing business. Thinking you’re going to make it rich with each trade is like a fighter expecting to win by only first round knockouts and without ever getting hit.  Clearly this kind of thinking is absurd, yet countless traders are in the market trading like this every day. It’s the belief that “this is the trade” or “ this is the one” that will allow me to retire or make up for all the previous mistakes.

Part of becoming an unshakable trader is setting rational expectations for your trading.  That means that you have to have a trade management system in place regardless whether the market moves for or against you.  It’s just not possible to trade and never experience a loss. No matter how good your systems is or how smart you are, you can’t know exactly what the market will do.  You may know statistically what may occur, but the market is going to play by its own rules.

Again, getting hit (taking losses) is just the cost of doing business.  It’s the old adage “it’s not personal it’s just business”. Can you imagine if a boxer took every punch personally?!  Doubting their abilities, and actually surprised because they got punched in the face while in the ring… Professional fighters know that not every punch or kick will be a knockout.

It’s quality offense, defense, and the ability to minimize any damage delivered by the opponent that allows a fighter to even be in the ring.  At the end of the match whether by knockout or by technical a win is a win.

As a trader accepting losses, and not taking them personally is critical to long term success.  The problem is these are not “normal” ways of thinking and have to be learned over time (costly) or (preferred) developed through training.

That’s where I come in, I specialize in building mental resilience and reprogramming bad habits.  

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